Featured Math Game – 02/18/2011

Math Can be Fun at Home

Playing math games is a fun way to review math skills at home. The Big Ideas Math program has many games in the online Game Closet. Each month, Big Ideas Math will feature a new game for parents to play with their child.

Parents, try playing the I Have…, Who Has…? game to review fraction, decimal, and percent equivalents with your child. This game is available in English and Spanish.

Big Ideas Math - Game Closet

Have Fun, give it a try, and let everyone know what you think of I Have…, Who Has…?!

Teacher Tips

Students can create their own Multilanguage glossary using their Record and Practice Journal.  If they are having difficulty with a word, they can find the Spanish, French, German, etc. version in their own dictionary and write it into their glossary at the back of their Record and Practice Journal.

                        Pam, 6th grade teacher

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