The PARCC Assessment

As the Common Core State Standards are sweeping the nation, more and more teachers and parents are wondering about the assessment of the new curriculum.

PARCC, The Partnership for Assessment for Readiness for College and Careers, is a consortium of states working together to develop a common set of K-12 assessments. The goal is to dramatically increase the rates at which students graduate from high school prepared for success in college and the workplace.

It will provide students, educators, policymakers and the public tools needed to identify whether students are on track for postsecondary success and where gaps need to be addressed before students enter college or the workforce. These new assessments will assess the full range of the Common Core Standards, both content and practices.

The assessment system will be comprised of four components.

  • Two summative, required assessment components designed to:

- Make “college- and career-readiness” and “on-track” determinations,

- Measure the full range of standards and full performance continuum, and

- Provide data for accountability uses, including measures of growth.

  • Two non-summative, optional assessment components designed to:

- Generate timely information for informing instruction, interventions, and professional development during the school year.

- An additional third non-summative component will assess students’ speaking and listening skills.

Assessments will be computer based and will be graded via computer scoring and human scoring.  PARCC assessments will begin during the 2014-15 school year.

Watch Dr. Ron Larson on Lifetime’s The Balancing Act

Our Big Ideas Math author, Ron Larson, was featured today on the Parent Teacher Corner segment of The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television.

Click the Video Above to Watch Dr. Larson on the Balancing Act

The Balancing Act segment focuses on the recent educational curriculum shift to the Common Core State Standards.  To assist parents in understanding Common Core, Dr. Larson explains both the concept behind the standards as well as how they are implemented in the Big Ideas Math program.

The Common Core State Standards and the Mathematical Practices are ushering in a new way to teach mathematics. We are excited to be part of this movement with our Big Ideas Math series. Thank you to The Balancing Act for having us on your show!

A second airing of the entire The Balancing Act episode will air on June 20, 2012.

New Friends of Big Ideas Math

Our new friends from Thinkfinity, a social network for teachers, stopped by our booth at NCTM and dropped off some amazing freebies. This USB port can twist and turn into different shapes and the cord makes it functional to hang around your neck. Perfect for teachers!

We also made friends with Eli, the founder of Desmos, a free online graphing calculator. This amazing free resource is a wonderful tool for the classroom, home, or wherever you or your students might need a graphing calculator.

We will be sharing more about Desmos in the future, so stay tuned!