Online Learning Platform Updates – 9/9/15

Updates were made to the new Big Ideas Math online learning platform.

  1. Dates in class management for Clever districts were corrected.
  2. Future classes in Clever were hidden from the class selection dropdown to avoid confusion in selecting current classes. Future classes still appear in the class management screen so that books can be assigned and dates can be viewed.
  3. Students flagged as inactive in Clever were hidden from the system.
  4. In the Progression Benchmark report, the 0% on the domain and subdomain tables were replaced with N/A or a blank if they were not tested on the content
  5. Teachers without classes/books can now view Course Resources

Today, we are working on linking student responses within the reports.


    Big Ideas Math Resources

    Attention Educators:
    It has been brought to our attention that some Big Ideas Math users are not able to access online content. We have escalated the issue and are currently working on it. Re-saving a book to the class should restore the resources. If a teacher or student is not seeing any resources, the teacher needs to make sure books are added to his or her classes.

    Online Platform Alert – 9/9/15 – UPDATE

    UPDATE: 12:02PM

    Thank you for your patience while we worked to update our system. The issue has been resolved.  


    For any customers using a Big Ideas Math product with copyright prior to 2014:

    We are experiencing some technical problems with our online platform. We are actively investigating the issue and will alert you when the issue is resolved.