Project Based Learning

Big Ideas Math Blog:  Project Based Learning

With 21st century learning and the Common Core State Standards Initiative, Project Based Learning is become even more important. The days of rote memorization of facts and formulas are no longer what students need. Besides the fact that this type of learning is rather boring and doesn’t engage the students, it doesn’t allow students to acquire the necessary skills to succeed in college and their careers.

Projects are a way for students to delve deeper into the subject matter and use higher order thinking skills. Students are presented with a real life problem that requires them to apply their previous knowledge and skills as they formulate a solution. Students are engaged, gain a deeper understanding, and remember the material rather than memorizing for a test.

Projects have been shown to foster teamwork, self management, and critical thinking skills. These are life skills that are needed to be successful not only throughout one’s schooling but also as one enters into their career.

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