Big Ideas Math Summer Solutions

As Alice Cooper sang, “Schools out for Summer…”, but as parents we worry about our child retaining all the mathematical knowledge they gained during the course of the school year.

Big Ideas Learning has provided a free online resource to assist your child in preparing for the upcoming school year. You and your child can access our Skills Review Handbook online. This handbook has full color pages that provide examples and practice of concepts from prior grades. Below we have identified those Topics that should be reviewed in preparation for the upcoming year.

[To access the Skills Review Handbook, use the link above or click here.]

For incoming 6th grade students, the following topics are necessary prerequisite concepts:

Topic 1.1                    Topic 1.3
Topic 1.4                    Topic 2.3
Topic 4.1                    Topic 4.2
Topic 6.1                    Topic 6.2
Topic 8.4                    Topic 9.2
Topic 11.2                  Topic 12.2
Topic 16.2                  Topic 17.3

For incoming 7th grade students, all of the above 6th grade topics plus the following:

Topic 3.1                    Topic 3.2
Topic 5.4                    Topic 6.3
Topic 6.4                    Topic 8.2
Topic 8.3                    Topic 9.3
Topic 9.4                    Topic 10.2
Topic 10.3                  Topic 11.1
Topic 11.3                  Topic 15.1
Topic 17.2                  Topic 18.2

For incoming 8th grade students, all of the 6th and 7th grade topics plus the following:

Topic 4.3                    Topic 4.4
Topic 5.2                    Topic 13.1
Topic 14.2                  Topic 16.1
Topic 18.3                  Topic 19.3
Topic 20.5

Note to teachers: Please feel free to share this resource with your students and parents for the upcoming summer break.

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