Dynamic Assessment and Progress Monitoring Tool Update

Thank you again for your patience while we develop this tool. We would like to share some updates that have been recently released.

  • Teachers can now preview the tests before assigning them
  • Teachers can access individual student reports by clicking on the student’s name from the detailed report.
  • Teachers can schedule a future test (Chrome browser) by selecting a date.
  • Students can review their answers in the Practice Test after they take it.
  • Students can also submit their test at any time during the test by clicking their name on the top navigation bar, then selecting the “submit test” option.

Coming soon: Assigning an assessment to select students, Time Analysis Report, display of students who have or have not received the assessment, and display of individual student’s answers within reports.


If you have any comments or questions concerning the Dynamic Assessment and Progress Monitoring Tool, please let us know in the comments section.

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